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Poorly written copy gets poor conversions.
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Are You Having a Hard Time Getting More Leads, Sales, and Customers?

Let’s face it… You’re in one of the most competitive industries ever!

There are tons of products and services just like yours. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, you’re losing customers to other businesses—you don’t want that, right?

And if you have poor copy on your website or sales funnel, you aren’t standing out from the crowd…

When that happens, your leads and prospects will go elsewhere. Why? They will do everything to get their money’s worth! It’s human nature…

If your copy DOES NOT build more trust, authority, expertise, credibility, and value than a similar business selling similar products several blocks away or a similar business selling similar products in a different state or city…

You are literally LOSING money every second you don’t fix it!

Here’s What Happens If You Have “Poorly Written Copy” on Your Website or Sales Funnel…

Your conversions will be so low that you’ll regret hiring that “cheap” copywriter or wasting time trying to write your own copy...

This is the heading

Your advertising campaigns will barely make you any money—most of the time, breakeven, sometimes a negative profit...

This is the heading

You’ll start worrying about next month’s bills because money is literally leaking out of your bank account…

This is the heading

Your competitors will enjoy and close every prospect that didn’t buy from you and they might even thank you for not investing in a good copywriter…

This is the heading

You’ll have no choice but to focus on cold calling, flyers, brochures, and other offline marketing tactics just to get people to buy your products and/or services…

This is the heading

You’ll be forced to watch your competitors grow their business faster than you while you wallow alone in a corner wondering why you’re not getting enough customers...

A lot more bad stuff can happen with poorly converting copy on your website or sales funnel!

And even if you improve whatever you’re selling and include a ton of bonuses, no one will buy if your copy doesn’t persuade them to!

Of course, I’m not here just to point out the BIG problem that you may or may not be aware of.

I have a solution for you, and it will save you from all the headaches of trying to sell a product that your ideal customers are not wanting!

Hi, I’m Mai!

I Can Help You Grow Your Business!


I’m a direct response copywriter who focuses on the health & wellness industry.

… and I can help you get more sales, leads, and customers with copy that converts!

Writing has always been in my veins. Even during my teenage years, I dabbled in writing fiction and poetry, earning me a couple of accolades and getting me published in a few literary magazines.

In college, I took up nursing and eventually worked as a staff nurse in a public hospital for two and a half years.

Though I never really found my calling as a nurse, that short stint in healthcare provided me with firsthand knowledge in patient care and education—something that I got to use in copywriting for health & wellness businesses.

I’ve been writing freelance for more than 4 years now and some clients I’ve worked with through the years include Face + Body Cosmetic Surgery, Born2Invest, Your Mortgage Magazine, Coins.ph, and Avida Land.

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Why Choose Me?

  • I write only for clients in the health & wellness industry. This means you’ll be working with someone who knows your industry just as much as you do. In other words, I’m NOT a jack-of-all-trades copywriter!
  • My copywriting process involves deep dive research. Most copywriters only settle with whatever information their clients provide. If you work with me, I’ll do my own in-depth market, competitor, and product research in addition to what you’ll give me!
  • I invest in courses, books, and mentorship programs to improve my craft. Every single day, I do my best to improve my copywriting and persuasive skills. This is one way I stand out from other copywriters who learn just by doing—I’ve learned from the best!
  • My rates aren’t cheap, but so is my writing. You get what you pay for! I admit, I’m not a cheap copywriter, but my rates are reasonable for most business owners. If you really want results, you’re better off with someone who knows what she’s doing!
  • I offer unlimited minor revisions on all projects. Most copywriters will charge you for every minor revision you request, forcing you to make changes yourself or spend an extra hundred or so dollars for revisions. If you work with me, minor revisions are free!

Let me help you get more sales, leads, and customers!

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